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Content Writing Tools

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Writing is my dream job. The process of planning, editing, and writing for academics, for media, for software houses, and so on is content writing. Content writing is generally used for digital marketing purposes it includes blog posts, podcasts, scriptwriting, press release writing, media alert, social media writing scripts for videos, etc.

Content writers love the way they produce content for every type of website, whether fashion, food,  business, or entertainment. They write for social networks for e-commerce sites, for even news journalists. 

Content writing has spread its roots in all the digital marketplaces. Content writing has become a very necessary part of every business growth. Without informative content, even your customer refuses to buy your product. 

2020 is an era of content writing. Even if you have a look at social networks like Facebook. Snapchat, Instagram. Twitter, they are using content to grab the audience’s attention. Every social platform is free to provide a chance to create content and for that purpose, you must know how to write for the desired platform. There are manifold tools that can help to grow yourself as a better content writer.

Several details are needed to include if you want to become a professional content writer. Just remember you have to generate content that attracts readers, that turns your visitors into your customers, and most importantly your writing must include relevant information.

Content writing holds the power to rank your website on the first page on the search engine. Even though I am the one who keeps an eye on the clock after when my article is published, it creates magic to rank on the highest page on the search engine. 

The question is how can a writer produce relevant content that contains every box without getting overwhelmed by all of the relevant details? Some manifold amazing resources and tools help to polish and improve the process of content writing.  Let me start with some basic tools that will help you to write better content. 

Hemingway App

Hemingway app is a site where you need not purchase anything. It is a free source application. In the Hemingway app, all you have to do is to copy your article from your word documents or wherever you have saved your file and have to paste it on the Hemingway application page.

This application shows the complicated sentences, it shows passive phrases, confusing words with colour-coded marks for easy and quick edits. The best part of the Hemingway application is that it shows the grading criteria and shows the readability of your writing power. Just remember you have to set your readability according to your audience so that readers can read and understand what you want to deliver.

HubSpot Blog Idea Generator

Hubspot blog idea generator is one of the best tools. All you have to do is to use the relative keyword and paste that in a search bar. This HubSpot tool will split out the titles and topics you want. You can use this blog idea generator to plan a manifold series of blog post even if you are writing about Digital Marketing agency Austin. You can make an excellent title without brainstorming. Content writing gets very easy as these tools are helping writers on a daily basis. 


I remember when I started to write content I used to think about what title I should use in order to grab the audience’s attention. Instead of going through the very first idea, I prefer to do brainstorming and Alas, I always came up with great ideas. Then I searched for some tools that can help me to generate content ideas and I ended up with Ideaflip.

Ideaflip provides an interactive and visual environment that enables the writers to write down and develop managed ideas. The user interface design removes the visual constraints, which means you are not restricted to certain boundaries. You are free to generate ideas whenever you want. 


One of the most important things about content writing is grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, and the proper use of vocabulary. Here is Grammarly for you. This tool is the most used tool in content writing. Probably one of the best tools used for spelling and grammar. 

Grammarly not only enhances your content but it also optimizes your written text and makes it readable. Since the day I started to write I am using Grammarly to enhance my content writing skills. Make a habit to run and check your content through Grammarly. It will definitely mold you into a better content writer.


To convert your text into copying or Html from Google docs or WordPress without format changes here is StackEdit for you. This in-browser markdown editor is specially created for web writers. StackEdit themes include the shortcut combination that helps to customize your content writing. 

StackEdit has a spell checker supporting manifold languages. The best part is you can sync it with your Google Drive and Dropbox. StackEdits is not restricted to certain limitations; it allows you to post your articles on Tumblr, Dropbox, WordPress, and blogger in the desired markdown format by using the underscore template engine. The best part, you can edit your work offline in case of losing the internet connection. StackEdit has this offline functionality.

Portents Content Idea Generator

Worrying about creating a catchy headline? Have a check on the Portents Content Idea Generator. You can enter your keywords and this tool. It generates the best headline for your content. You can also update the search results as many times as you want until you become satisfied with
your headline.

Power Thesaurus

It’s a free thesaurus application that doesn’t feature any ads, due to crowdsourcing. That will surely make one of the favourite tools. The user face of power thesaurus is extremely elegant and streamlined. This application maintains the latest developments in linguistics.

There are so many tools to generate content ideas. I hope these tools will be beneficial for you and will surely help you to improve your writing skills. These tools can save you time. You can set your portfolio and make your work easier. Power thesaurus an online free thesaurus. This helps to improve online synonyms. Power thesaurus is a synonym finder This application is for writers. It provides more than 70 million antonyms and synonyms. It also finds the definitions. 

In a Nutshell

The above-mentioned resources and tools can now help you to create powerful content. But that is not enough; you have to understand your customers’ needs. Understand where your customer is facing difficulties in your services and products. Create that content that can help your customers to address those difficulties and challenges. Content writing can be improved using the mentioned tools. 

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