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Every brand talks about engaging content but has anyone told you what really is engaging content?

Is it the one which gets more shares, likes or comments? Or the one which ranks on Google?

It’s both. The content which resonates with your audience provides them value and lets them naturally like, share or comment on it is called an engaging content.

You can test the engagement of your content by the time a user is staying on your website, page views, number of likes and shares and the comments you’re receiving on your content. 

And if your content is driving leads to your website then it means that it’s super engaging as it’s increasing the conversion ratio.

So, if you already have a website and your content is doing no good to you. OR

You are building a website from scratch, you must consider some key points from the beginning which we have discussed. Here’s how you can make it engaging for your visitors.

Start with an Outline

Out of all the blunders, the prominent one is that we start writing without knowing the purpose of the content. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish through your blog then you are only wasting the page.

So, the tip is to know your why and start with an outline; how will you start, what areas will you cover in the blog and what value you’ll provide to your readers.

With an outline, you’ll be more focused on your content and will also give an audience an overview of your blog in the start. For example, if you’re writing a content marketing guide, your audience should be able to get the outline at first glance. 

By following this strategy, you can earn audience trust on your website and will also help them to save their time.

Use Video 

When your audience stays long on your blog, it’s a sign that they like your content. But how to make them stay long?

Use relevant videos. It drives tons of traffic from YouTube, Google and other search engines. Plus, it’s easy to understand the message from the video rather than reading.

Also, if you have any difficulty explaining your message, you can search the relevant videos and embed it on your blog.

In this way, you won’t only help to learn your audience better but will also increase their stay time on the website.

Add Bucket Brigades

Bucket Brigades are short words and phrases that keep people on your page by increasing the engagement ratio. It makes your writing style conversational and easy to read. 

It’s one of the best SEO practices to retain the audience on your site. And when the audience stays long, it boosts your search engine ranking by telling Google that your website is worth visiting for.

You can make up your own bucket brigades or you can also use these classics:

  • What’s the best part?
  • No, you must be wondering..
  • Here’s the deal
  • Take this for example
  • Want to learn more? Check this out:

After using this in your blogs, you’ll notice the difference in the average stay time of your page.

Use Trigger Words

A trigger word can be any word which compels your customers to act. It helps in connecting to your audience at an emotional level and evokes a sense of emergency. It can also excite your audience and make them stay more on your website.

For example, the word Free can make your audience go crazy because free stuff makes them click the link and know about your services/product.

If you don’t have a product, you can also use this ‘Free’ word in your blog headline like:

  • Know 5 Free Tips to Increase Your Copywriting Overnight
  • 5 Photography Tips No One Will Tell You for Free

This is just one example, you can use more trigger words like New, Pro, Proven, Easy, Secret, If and Never.

Internal Links

If you consult an SEO company or some specialist and ask him about the importance of internal links, he would write detailed pages to explain its worth. 

But to precisely describe it, internal links help in directing visitors to authority pages of your site. They help your audience to learn more about the topic and retain them on the site.  

In addition, it also prevents orphan pages and can also introduce your product to your customers. 

Above all, with internal linking, you can increase your chances to rank on Google a bit early.

Use Shareable Quotes

One of the best ways to drive social shares and expand the reach of your content is by adding black quotes to your articles. It’s because they are shareable and you can tweet it in a click. This strategy will rush your twitter followers and drive traffic back to your site.

Apart from this, sharing inspiring and motivational quotes from the great authors and leaders helps to uplift people. And also if sometimes the audience doesn’t connect to your content but share the quote, it will also boost your blog traffic in another way.

The more your content gets shared on social media, your chances of attracting visitors through social media marketing increase.

Ask Questions

Many times you can start your blog with a great introduction but can still fail to keep your audience connected throughout the blog. Why?

It’s because you don’t give them reasons to engage. Asking questions has been proven fruitful to increase engagement.

Even though readers might not respond to your question but it will spark their interest and make them think for a moment. For example,

  • Are you the one who’s tired of writing for your website without getting the results?
  • What’s your best advice to overcome writer’s block?
  • Why do you think SEO copywriting matters?

Questions like these hook your readers and connect them to your website with a reason. 

When you write content, don’t target search engines only but keep your audience in mind. Will the content provide them value? Will it keep them engaged throughout? Is it worth publishing?

If the answer is Yes to these questions then go, Publish your content and see the results.

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