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Create Beautiful Social Media Posts Without Breaking the Bank

Last Updated on May 18, 2022 by misbah

If your brand has a presence on social media, particularly platforms where you share photos, creating beautiful social media posts may not be high on your list. But it absolutely should be. Even if your company isn’t one that typically occupies a space known for “beauty.” But a beautiful photo can attract followers, which can put eyes (and potential customers) on your business. Here are some tips on creating beautiful social media platforms without breaking the bank.

1. Know Your Colors

Yes, you probably learned your colors when you were a toddler. However, did you learn how colors can convey certain emotions? Maybe you’ve noticed that brands like McDonald’s and Wendy’s feature a lot of red, a color that is shown to induce feelings of hunger. Green can evoke feelings of calm and tranquility. Armed with this knowledge, you can create content that is not only aesthetically pleasing but subconsciously conveys a message about your brand. 

2. Lines Are Good

Not lines you wait in, but the lines on your images or content. A line naturally draws the eye towards something, and different shaped lines can be used to convey different messages. If you’re taking a still shot of something, for instance, you can use lines to focus attention on the most beautiful part of the post. If you’re creating a graphic, lines can help direct a person’s attention to whatever you’re trying to emphasize. Horizon lines on a setting sun are a good example of the way to use lines to draw attention, as well as give a good contrast (more on that later). 

3. Compare and Contrast

This doesn’t just apply to colors but textures and concepts as well. Including some sharp contrasts can draw attention to something and make it seem vibrant and full of energy, while low contrasts can create a hazy, dream-like effect. You can also create conceptual contrasts as well, where you place a large thing next to a small thing, to help tell a story. Contrasts can help you create a compelling image or post on your company’s social media page.

4. Fit Your Brand

Your brand is the public face of your company, so your social media message has to be on point with your brand. Part of this is done by creating a great logo with a site like LogoCreator, but you can’t stop there. Here are some tips for keeping your social media posts on the brand:

  • Keep the same logo across all social media and website pages
  • If you have a person managing your social media, have a solid process for getting posts approved
  • Publish guidelines for social media postings for employees
  • Keep the same tone and “voice” across all social media platforms

5. Get Your Hands on Some Good Equipment

This could be as simple as keeping your phone on hand for taking pictures, but if you’re serious about creating beautiful social media posts, you may need something a little beefier than your smartphone’s camera. Surf through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find some quality used photography equipment, and take it on as a hobby. Even if you’ve never been a photographer, it’s never too late to start, and you can only get better!

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to break your budget to create beautiful social media posts and grow your brand organically. Engaging content starts with some basic tenets of art and photography, which you then have to match up with your online brand reputation. Keeping the same voice across your social media platforms is another way to increase your reach and drive customers to your company, which at the end of the day, should be the end goal of your social media program. 

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