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Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Roohan

In a digital world where there is so much competition in the field of SEO , backlinks become a major factor in business growth. incoming links to a web-page and any of website page that is linked to other web-page are called backlinks. A backlink is an important metric to rank a website. A page that has backlinks tend to have a higher rank in search engine.  

Backlinks are as a source to gather organic traffic. It tends to build credibility. It is more important to set link building as a part of your SEO. Certain ways become a source to find high authority back links. If you are perfect to write Guest Post start to write them, it will help you to link your website address to another website by sending your niche. Create the best content as you can that outperform your competition. Even try to link your website to authorized websites that can also rank you on a good position in search engine. 

The question is how many backlinks you need to rank your website? A phenomenal raking is all about having 60 to 100 backlinks but 40 to 60 backlinks are also fine. A digital marketing agency must know that 40 to 50 links are not OK. You want to build some high-quality backlinks then just start building links from higher domain authority website that have been trusted by manifold searches globally. 

The second most important ranking factor of Google is Backlinks. So many people have no idea that what backlinks are all about. Even some digital marketers purchase low-quality backlinks from cheaper rates and as a result, it shows the dark side, these websites are being penalized by Google. It means that the website in which you have added those low-quality backlinks is removed from the Google search engine. Just remember always try to focus on the high-quality backlinks. To create high-quality backlinks here are some professional tips. 

Genuine Research

Research is so important if you write, discover or tends to generate any digital marketing strategies. The best type of content that you can publish on your SEO website must contain original research. For that purpose, conduct several surveys to add authenticity to your content. 

Try to generate case studies, use your business data. Moreover, try to add some unique research. When you add that data analysis, surveys and research on your content another website will be more likely to approach you for backlinks.

Trending Topics

Quality content will always remain evergreen and the older will get the content it will provide more value over time but do not have much to do with backlinks let me tell you why. Trending topics are most likely to read by users. Try to add a trending topic to add high-quality backlinks. Trending topics often takes a lead from links via fast-moving social media. 

Trending content can add more spice and attract the audience more often. These content provide lasting linking value with time, and it helps to gain more backlinks. Try to outline the best plan and always try to promote the content that is trending. 


Want to earn original links from genuine publishers? Always create high-quality content that automatically adds value to your website. To get more backlinks you need to outreach your content to another website. I am working with a digital marketing agency and the best part about backlinks is to outreach the content. yes, you think you don’t have enough backlinks, do not get worried about. Outreach your niche to other websites and blogs that can help them finding your content to provide you with a backlink.


Every digital marketing agency always offers another website to write testimonials. Leave a review on how you feel about other brands. Its common brands mostly love to feature testimonials when it comes to their website. They also add a link back review in the credit line. 

Image Links

Embedded images on a website include links. Sometimes few links are often broken or do not show the exact website. Avail these opportunities to add links on images especially in that case when another brand has linked their website to one of your graphics or website design image. Ensure that where ever your graphic image is used is linked back to your site properly. 

In a Nutshell

Using white hat techniques can strengthen your link profile. If you choose to grow your portfolio link by using black hat technique you won’t get the same reward as using white hat SEO.

Remember organic link building will create a genuine link that will not be stuck up with Google penalties. There are more chances that you can be rewarded with the benefits of long term SEO and best performance in search engine. Try to build a high-quality backlink by following the link building criteria. It is the most effective way to rank a website. 

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