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10 Social Media Tools To Make You The Better Marketer

Last Updated on May 18, 2022 by misbah

Want to transform your social media marketing and make it more attractive? You are in the right place. Social media tools are tools that will make your posts optimized. One can create the type of content he needs and gets the attention of the audience by following the practices of the best digital agencies in Pakistan. You can get a perfect schedule when to post and what to post.

 Here we are going to discuss 10 social media tools, that will help you make your marketing more effective.


OptinMonster is the best tool for pop-ups, landing pages, and lightboxes. For this purpose, it has a drag and drop option. All kinds of eye-catching optin forms, including sidebar forms, welcome gates, floating bars and many more can be created by OptinMonster. Page-level targeting, A/B testing, Onsite retargeting, actionable Insights, mobile campaigns, all can be done with OptinMonster easily. 


Most of the people want to make an attractive video for social media marketing from the scratch, but they are not able to find the best tool. Animoto allows you to create engaging, creative and shareable content for videos. It provides several templates and layouts so that you may create a high-quality video of your own choice according to your business or field.


The best way to know that where your business lies in the field is to compare your performance with the competitors. SocialBakers let you analyse and compare your social page with the best competitors. It lets you combine multiple social pages in one view. Also, if you need tags for your posts, socialbakers is here for you. It tells you when is the best time to post something by comparing your page with the competitors.  


Lastpass is a secure tool that saves all your passwords and usernames. The place where the data is stored is known as a vault. Whenever you need to log into your account, or you forget your password, LASTPASS will help you out as it remembers the passwords. Also, it can create new passwords for you by telling you the strength of your password. You can share your passwords with others. Storing PIN codes and Membership IDs are also one of the important features of the LASTPASS. 


For all the social media platforms, there is a common security tool, that is ZEROFOX. There are several hackers out there that can hack and perform malicious activities. Also, frauds and scams are so common on these platforms. ZEROFOX protects us from all these scams. Other than security, the reputation of the social media profile is also maintained. All the disruptive, offensive and abusive content are removed. So, a large number of followers are kept safe from scammers and hackers. 


Everyone wants to know how the audience have interacted with their content. Facebook Analytics lets you know where, how and when people interacted with your content. Facebook Page Insights and Facebook Audience Insights are the two important Facebook analytics. One lets you know about the social media page, whereas other tells us about the audience. However, both of them helps us in improving the profile and catching more attention from the audience.


Analisa.io is a powerful tool which is used mostly by influencers on social media accounts usually Instagram and Facebook which are now the top-notch social media applications. This software helps reach the audience to their interesting piece of information through tags. It is free to use and easily upgradeable.


Buzzsamo is a powerful tool which provides hundreds of people to collect and analyse data on the basis of good quality and authentication. It makes the availability of the data easy for all. It is best suited for people who are interested in writing analytical profiles or content writers who want to communicate with the audience in a proper way.


You can design various social media marketing attractive images by using canva. It has a lot of ready-made templates and graphics. Hence, you can design the image according to your page and grab the attention of the audience.


Influential is an amazing platform which provides people with the opportunity to spread their business from a small scale to a larger context through influencing the interested group of audience. It’s accessible and easy-to-use, increasing the revenue on your investment and decreasing your cost of promotion, hence, allowing the flourishment of any market. 

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