What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that helps customers and consumers to understand that you have a solution to their problems and requirements. This strategy is used to create brand awareness and attract new business by creating meaningful content and engaging with the audience. It is the best way to convert visitors into customers.

In outbound marketing, the organization uses different mediums and resources to find the audience and convey their message. On the other hand, inbound marketing gains customer’s attention through high-quality content and experiences which they actually want to see and makes the organization or company easy to find.

inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Go back a few years ago, when the general audience didn’t have the access to any information at their fingertips. Outbound marketing was the only way to connect with people. The traditional way to deliver your message was T.V and radio ads, billboards, catalogs, print ads, cold calls, etc. etc. It’s basically about pushing your message to the audience and hoping for a response or business leads.

Today, people dig deep before making any buying decisions. Within a few clicks, they can find answers online, check out your competitors, the industry you are working in, reviews about your products or services. Inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to drive traffic to your business without any paid advisement by only creating fresh and quality content.

why you need inbound marketing

Why you need Inbound Marketing

Say, you own an online clothing store that sells wedding dresses. To grow business and increase your market you started a marketing campaign. For your marketing campaign, you use different mediums to promote your brand like social media ads, discount coupons, web banners, and maybe PPC. Though this way you only tell people that “Your store is selling beautiful wedding dresses on cool discount offers, go and buy them”. This way your message is delivered to a mass audience and maybe many or few or nobody will buy your product because you are just pushing the people for buying. There’s no engagement with the audience.

On the other hand, you create a blog site or a blog page on your site about weddings and couples. Here you are creating different blogs and articles on topics like, “Best Destination Wedding Places in Budget” “Tips for Legendary Awesome Couple Dance” or “Unique Wedding Dresses which you Should Try at your Wedding”. Through your blogs, you are helping the people how they can make their wedding more awesome and how you can help them to make it happen. In this way, you are providing the stuff to the audience which they really want to see.

So basically, you are creating brand awareness and generating leads to the business. Through your inbound marketing tactics, you don’t have to chase after the customers. Your meaningful content will persuade the audience to visit your site in their early stage of buying decisions. Here comes the most important part. Now, you have to convert these visitors into customers.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

inbound marketing methodology

Growing your business and organization by building strong relationships with leads, customers, and consumers are called inbound marketing methodology. It’s all about valuing and influencing the audience during their buying decision making process with you.

There are three ways you can apply inbound marketing methodologies, which are:

  1. Attract the Audience
  2. Engage with them
  3. Make them Happy

Attract the Audience

The first step of your inbound marketing strategy, is to attract the target audience, which you want to visit your site. For this, you need to create and publish content that can attract maximum eye-balls. Start creating content such as blogs, articles, and social media posts or infographics that provides information, solutions, challenges, guides and tips, or testimonials.

To appear your information on search query optimize your content. For this, use an SEO strategy and target specific keywords to your business. It will help your content to appear on search engine organically when people search for those specific queries. Also, share your content on different social media platforms. It will build your social media following and engagement.

Engage with Them

After attracting the audience, the second step of your inbound marketing strategy is to engage with them. By engaging the audience means you need to build strong and long-term relationships with them. You need to show the audience that you can help them to reach their goals. The following are the tactics that can help you to engage with your audience.

Landing Page: Design your landing page with convincing CTA (call to actions), compelling content, and easy navigations. Because it’s the first thing, the visitors will observe when they land to your page.

Inbound Sales Call: Don’t forget you are providing solutions not products. While chatting or direct calling you need to help the people by instructing them how your products or service can solve their problem.

E-mail Marketing: Your job is to provide information to the visitors when they subscribe to your e-mail list. Through this way, you can encourage your audience to get entertained with your offers.

Make them Happy

Your goal should not limited to convert visitors to customers only. The last step of inbound marketing strategy is to delight customers. Make them so happy so that they become promoters of your brand. When you delight your customers the more likely they leave positive reviews of your brand. Your ultimate goal to delight customers is to attract maximum visitors and make them potential and loyal customers.

Inbound Marketing is the New Black

It’s time to rebuild your marketing strategy and start your own inbound marketing campaign. Don’t push people through promotional messages for buying your goods and waiting for leads. Let the customers search your brand with groundbreaking inbound marketing.

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