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Information & Cyber Security Services

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CyberSecurity Services Provider In Pakistan

Who are we?

We are emerging information and cybersecurity firm of Pakistan. We are always committed to bringing the best Information security solutions for our corporate clients. We particularize in securing networks, systems, devices and applications. We offer a complete set of risk management, IT audits, and protective cyber solutions with our remarkable research capabilities.

Cyber Security Services

Almost 97% of all online assets, including data, transactions, websites, etc are in threat of Cyberattacks. We deliver compatible services to counter these threats and provide a protective shield to stand against these attacks. With our professionalized approach we achieve the unachievable for you. Our cybersecurity services are empowered by some of the most qualified and experienced security consultants across Pakistan.

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Penetration Testing

Our expert team identifies the flaws and security weaknesses through penetration testing. We analyze your ability to deter security incidents. Hence, the information extracted gets shared with your IT managers. Furthermore, we collaborate with your employees and discuss ways to counter threats. Through these, we derive remedies for the problems. Moreover, to render this service we’ll test your defences by deploying a skilled ethical hacker. This will measure it to perfection. Furthermore, the slightest of vulnerabilities get eliminated.

Web Application Security

A web application’s security assessment will permit us to evaluate the imperative components of a Web-based portal, e-commerce application, or Web platform. Using standard tactics and hundreds of appropriate tools the assessment diagnoses certain vulnerabilities and identifies underlying problems.

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Mobile Application Security

The use of mobile phones has increased since the introduction of smartphones. Mobile applications are sensitive to crucial security risks. This threatens the confidentiality of data. Ideators offer services in mobile application testing which covers a full source code review, and penetration testing of mobile applications.

Data Security

By data security, we’ll prevent your data against unauthorized access and data corruption. By data encryption, key management and cloud access security, we’ll enhance cyber defence capabilities.

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Ethical Hacking

We’ll perform successful ethical hacking to analyze potential threats on your network. Our expert hackers will make attempts to pass around the security and identify weak points. As a result, we’ll be allowed to mitigate risk.

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